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Who We Are

Avkha inspires growth in our communities, clients, and employees by building a phenomenal culture, service, and resilient position within the marketplace. We look to empower and foster a community that stands on respect, loyalty, and trust for one another, and completely change the world through consistent improvement and growth.

About Avkha

We look for companies and owners that have built an organization that they look onto with pride, joy, and love. We provide an easy and smooth transition for your clients, employees, and community through our acquisition process so that ensures  your legacy will live on, and know that the company is in good hands. 

Is your company?

Stock Chart Illustrative

 In business for at least 7 years 

New York City

Near Illinois, New York, Florida, or California

Creative Working

Producing $1.5MM+ in EBITDA 

Paying for Groceries

 Producing revenues from $10 to $50million

Office with tables design

Containing good managment, service, and values 

Thinking Man

Distressed, but not in receivership

Industries we love!


Cleaning companies Service based:
- Commercial
- Residential
- Construction

Real Estate Services 

Security Services

E-commerce Companies:
- Dropshipping
- Products  

Contact us if you are looking to sell
(Completely Confidential)

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If you are looking to partner on any deal or feel you can provide an expertise in a certain area whether that be in management of a portfolio company, advisory, or investment. Please fill out the contact form and we will reach out 

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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